The answers to the many questions regarding the technical, food and sales aspects of our service are an opportunity for IVS Italia to give clear, straightforward information. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you have other queries, we are happy to answer you or to arrange a meeting with one of our consultants.

How much does it cost to install a vending machine and activate the vending machine service?

The vending machine costs the customer nothing.

Does a vending machine only serve tea and coffee?

No. People often think that reasonable coffee is the most that can be achieved using vending machines. On the contrary, the most recent technologies can now provide hot and cold dishes, with combination microwaves capable of serving at high speed. IVS Italia’s years of experience however covers all the most important product requirements: snacks, soft drinks, hot drinks, sweets, sandwiches and chilled products. Look at Yourbestbreak.com to discover all the possibilities.

If there are fewer than 5 employees in my company, is it worth having a vending machine?

Yes, definitely. In order to meet all the most important requirements throughout Italy, IVS Italia is capable of serving companies, institutions and communities of any size. There are both large installations for large environments and also OCS (Office Coffee Services) systems for the smallest environments of small and medium enterprises.

Is the coffee made by the vending machine as good as the coffee served in a shop?

Yes, of course. In many cases, it’s actually better because many vending machines use products in pods, which maintain the aroma, humidity and sterility of the products over time.

Are products sold by a vending machine as fresh as the products bought in a shop or supermarket?

Yes. The products and their storage needs dictate the type of vending machine used: snacks and soft drinks have typical refrigeration unit temperatures, whereas the cold supply chain legal provisions governing fresh products such as yogurt, milk products and sandwiches are respected in order to conserve duration and properties.

Can I choose/personalise the assortment of products contained in the vending machine?

Of course. IVS presents the customer with a wide selection of products that can be altered depending on your requirements prior to installation and throughout the duration of the service agreement.

How does restocking work? Do I have to call IVS Italia every time the machine is empty?

The restocking of the vending machines is planned extremely carefully. IVS Italia Assistance is able to accurately predict stock exhaustion cycles depending on the type of customer. This means that we know in advance when the vending machine needs restocking. Recent technologies also allow us to adopt telemetric systems to remotely control the quantities of products available.

Some products stay in the vending machine much longer than others. Can I be sure that the expiry dates are checked from time to time?

Yes, obviously. Product expiry date checks are scheduled into the regular intervals when the machine is restocked. Selected products are also always in the initial stage of their lifecycle to ensure maximum security in the restocking stage.