In IVS Italia technological updates are essential for the quality of our service. All operators are constantly connected with the headquarters via satellite. At any time, for any type of operation, the control rooms in at facilities exchange information in GPRS with satellite locators. An increasing number of our vending machines are also equipped with telemetric technology, which enables data concerning any faults and shortages in products to be sent constantly in real time to the direction. This means that every customer request is managed to reduce operation times as much as possible, as well as the operations planned by the headquarters, sending the nearest operator or the one who`s free first in real time. At the end of the day, being close to customers is a matter of efficiency.

Cashless payment systems and Coffee cApp®.

When expanding its range of innovations, to provide the best possible service, IVS Italia could not fail to include contactless® payment with NFC® technology and the innovative Coffee cApp® application for flexible payment at all public vending areas in your company.

Payment by Credit Card

You don’t always have small change to hand, so as ever we’re aiming to making it your best break and you can pay with major credit cards circuits, even if it’s just a simple coffee, in 20,000 vending areas across Italy. New generation payment systems accept all major credit cards. Visa MasterCard Amex

Electronic displays

Most IVS Italia drinks and sweet/savoury snack vending machines across the territory have a sophisticated electronic label and product information checking system. This allows rapid price updates and management of different selections directly from our headquarters.

Multimedia monitor

All vending areas, including company vending areas, can upgrade with an innovative multimedia screen, which can be loaded with corporate or third party advertising or useful information for clients and staff.


To improve your clients’ refreshment break, but also to give them an informed choice, IVS Italia has designed and developed an innovative product selection system with multitouch technology. Following a simple path you can choose the products you want from a single screen, obtaining for all the selections a detail of the organoleptic features, ingredients and calories. Users thus get all the information they need for a simple, quick and informed break.