Always IVS Italy, France and Iberica IVS IVS have embarked on the path of ethical and social responsibility, pledging to work always in full respect of individual rights and the environment. These values ​​are highlighted in the new brand Vending Made Responsible, and communicates a message that contains all the projects in favor of environmental sustainability, healthy and natural, the continuous improvement of the working environment and promotion of fair trade. Because all the IVS Group has chosen this path? Because there is no relationship without trust there is no trust and no respect.


Thanks to a long-term environmental policy and a daily commitment from the entire group, IVS Italia has created, and continues to develop, numerous projects aimed at saving energy and reducing polluting emissions.

Highly efficient Energy Saving Vending Machines
IVS Italia installs vending machines equipped with a special "energy saving" function. It's a device that uses a timer to activate the vending machine only when it's actually being used.

A fleet of methane and electric vehicles
Our latest-generation vehicles ensure reduced environmental impact. In order to further limit emissions, we choose methane and electric cars for our fleet.

Photovoltaic panels to power our company
IVS Italia's headquarters are not only the heart of our activity but have also become a true generator of clean energy. By installing photovoltaic panels on the roofs of our buildings, we generate and use renewable energy only, therefore reducing our CO2 emissions.

We only use ISO 14000 certified suppliers
A serious environmental policy can't neglect the choice of commercial partners. We carefully select our suppliers, ensuring that they, like us, have achieved ISO 14000 environmental certification.


Organic, healthy and fair trade products
A company's responsibility is measured in the care and attention dedicated to consumer needs. For this reason IVS Italia only offers assured quality products and favours the diffusion of a food culture based on the principles of sustainability, health and supporting small local producers.

BioBreak, organic and sustainable food
BioBreak is IVS Italia's project aimed at promoting organic and fair trade. The presence of this brand in our vending machines indicates the use of coffee produced according to the strictest organic farming criteria, bought in full support of local producers. And that's not all. BioBreak vending machines only use cardboard cups and wooden stirrers, which are all made from recycled materials.


An entirely natural break
Our focus on nutrition has come to fruition with the Enjoy Your Natural Break project, a range of products dedicated to healthy eating. Vending machines that carry this brand contain fresh food with low fat and preservative content.

Mindful of food intolerances
All our customers are important to us, but they're not all the same. Excellent service is service that listens to customer who all too often find products suitable for them unavailable to buy. Food intolerance sufferers know that it's hard to eat healthy when away from home. IVS Italia has developed a wide range of foods for different kinds of intolerance, like celiac disease and favism. A serious environmental policy does not overlook the choice of commercial partners. We carefully select our suppliers and work only with suppliers who have achieved ISO 14000 environmental certification, like us.


The ultimate workplace
IVS Italia S.p.A. achieved the A.I.L.E.S. (association for work and social inclusion for the disadvantaged) Azienda Solidale 2012 logo for its companies in Emilia Romagna. The logo is a prestigious reflection of the company's ethics and is awarded to companies that demonstrate good social responsibility practices for inclusion of disabled or disadvantaged staff. IVS Italia S.p.A. met all 10 requirements established by the A.I.L.E.S. Technical, Scientific, Political and Institutional Committees including making jobs available to the disabled/disadvantaged, offering company tutors to support those in need, working in pairs or in groups, offering learning support with professional trainers, removing physical barriers and defining stable working conditions and respectable salary.

I Vispi Sorrisi, the company nursery
Safe children mean relaxed parents. It's an equation which is as predictable as it is complicated to achieve in daily life. A company that thinks of the future can't not think of the future of its collaborators, and what better way than to help families to raise their children? I Vispi Sorrisi was created from this idea. IVS Italia's new company nursery, a modern, welcoming space, was designed by company management to improve quality of life for its employees.

«What’s WHP?»

IVS Group S.A., IVS Italia S.p.A. and S. Italia adhered to the WHP (Work Health Promotion) project, \"a company that promotes health\" for its staff. The project aims to develop \"best practice\" activities in 6 themed areas:

Promoting healthy eating


Promoting physical activity

Road safety and sustainable mobility

Alcohol and substance abuse

Personal and social well-being and family and work conciliation

What we did in 2015

Promoting healthy eating Fresh Fruit in break areas and raising awareness of the subject via informative paper napkins, weighing scales to measure weight, putting up the food pyramid.

Road safety and sustainable mobility Safe driving courses for staff who use company vehicles and manoeuvre devices within the company.

What we are doing in 2016

Promoting healthy eating We’re continuing with fresh fruit in break areas and introducing Healthy Diet products in vending machines.

Road safety and sustainable mobility We’re setting up safe driving training courses for staff at a race track and issuing notices about motorised vehicles and how to manage them.

Anti-smoking We’re aiming to be a Smoke-Free company so we’re eliminating all smoking areas in the company. The areas will be converted or integrated into existing break areas. We’ll create information campaigns to make staff more aware of the dangers of smoking.

Promoting physical activity We’re running a promotion with Sportpiù, a company linked to the WHP project certified by the local health authority and Confindustria Bergamo.

The EAT project

The EAT – Teenage Healthy Eating project is in its fourth consecutive year.

The Project is promoted by the San Donato Foundation Hospital Group and I.R.C.C.S. Policlinico San Donato, in collaboration with ENI, SANOFI, Sigi, Evs, Cda, Oregon Scientific and R.M. Service, monitored by the Ministry of Education, University and Research Schools for EXPO 2015 Technical and Scientific Committee, and by the ASL Milano 2 health authority, and is aimed at all junior high school students in the San Donato Milanese and Milan hinterland areas.

The project is expected to run until 2015, the year of EXPO.

Obesity and being overweight have become increasingly important problems, affecting about 43% of the adult population in Italy these days (in 2010, 9.8% of adults were obese and a further 34% were overweight, according to the World Health Organization). There are numerous, important health issues associated with excess weight, including potentially increased risk of global heart and metabolic problems inevitably resulting in the need for medical assistance.

A correct therapeutic programme must include educating and informing people to prevent unhealthy lifestyles like poor diet and low levels of physical activity, from an early age.

The EAT project was set up to deal with these issues. These problems translate into a prospective case-control study which foresees a multidisciplinary approach including a series of tools such as:

  • Collecting vital statistics (weight, height, waist circumference)
  • Eating habits analysis (questionnaire)
  • Learning sessions with nutritionists
  • School tests on food education
  • Pedometer (Oregon Scientific)
  • Educational posters (food pyramid and healthy eating plate)
  • Positive reinforcement SMS service
  • Social network sharing (Facebook)
  • Healthy food range available in "Feed your health, with good sense" vending machines, located inside schools

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Coffee will fuel our future

Our unremitting efforts to save the planet continue. After installing photovoltaic panels at our headquarters and increasing the number of electric and natural gas vehicles when we renewed our fleet, we have now started collecting and recovering coffee grounds to be converted into biogas and subsequently into clean energy.


  • To collect, transfer to our headquarters and – with the support of Organica Srl – produce clean energy with the approximately 2,250 tonnes of grounds found at our distributors.
  • o make enough clean energy to meet the annual energy requirements of 450 families of four people.
  • To lower consumption of fossil fuels, cut harmful emissions into the atmosphere and help to reduce the greenhouse effect.

After all, better energy will lead to a better future.