BreakCotto: the differently automatic foodservice by Chicco Cotto and IVS Italia.

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BreakCotto: the differently automatic foodservice by Chicco Cotto and IVS Italia.

BreakCotto is the new school-work project created by IVS Italia and Chicco Cotto to encourage the integration of disabled people and people in difficulty into the world of work.

The project includes a training program, capable of identifying, developing and exploiting the skills of these people, with the aim of hiring and integrating within the staff, to give workers full dignity: BreakCotto is indeed a reality concrete and fair which represents a real opportunity for employees to get involved.

All this without forgetting to give an excellent, unique and sustainable service to customers for automatic foodservice needs.

This beautiful project was also born thanks to the commitment of Don Andrea Bonsignori, pedagogist and head of the Cottolengo school in Turin, who sees the Chicco Cotto, created by him, not only as a social enterprise, but as a company that is located on the market and has the courage to be equal to all the others. Precisely this makes this project a truly unique entrepreneurial adventure and proposes a new training and work system. In other words, Don Andrea Bonsignori considers it a dream come true to give dignity to autistic people.

To learn about this beautiful initiative, Don A. Bonsignori decided to write a book entitled “The courage to be equal. Chicco Cotto’s otherwise automatic enterprise ”in which he tells his story and that of his kids struggling with this new organizational model.

Andrea Bonsignori and the economic journalist Marco Ferrando recounted in the book the successes and difficulties of this entrepreneurial venture which offers a new example of collaboration between school and company that is spreading on a national and European scale. 

The book will be presented online on Friday 30 October at 6.00 pm: the author will talk with Piero Chiambretti, Riccardo Rossotto and Gian Antonio Stella, under the coordination of Marco Ferrando. The event can be followed on the social platforms of the Holy Land Editions and by connecting to the link:

IVS Italia therefore took part in this project and remembers that: every customer, by purchasing products from IVS Italia vending machine signed by BreakCotto, favors a #DifferentlyAutomatic foodservice!

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