With Coffee cApp you win the receipt lottery!

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With Coffee cApp you win the receipt lottery!

The receipt lottery is the free lottery linked to the Italia Cashless program that encourages the use of credit, debit, ATM, prepaid cards, cards and apps connected to private payment circuits. 

Connected to normal cashless purchases, therefore without cash, it has no cost and uses electronic payment tools, giving you a virtual ticket for every euro spent

Now you can participate in the receipt lottery even during your break time. How? Any time you pay at our vending machine using Coffee cApp, thanks to the IVS Group concession! 

Here are all the necessary steps:

1. Download the Coffee cApp App from Google Play or App store: https://www.coffeecapp.it/en
2. Open Coffee cApp and go to “MORE” and select “LOTTERY OF RECEIPTS”
3. Enter your lottery code (if you don’t have it yet, log in at: https://servizi.lotteriadegliscontrini.gov.it/codicelotteria)
4. Spend at least € 1  

You will then be able to participate in the contest with all your purchases made through Coffee cApp in one of our distributors with a value equal to or greater than 1€.

The prizes up for grabs for the participants are many:

– 15 prizes € 25.000 every week
– 10 prizes of € 100.000 every month
– 1 prize of 5 million every year

What are you waiting for? Download Coffee cApp and start winning!

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