I Fragrantini elected Product of the Year 2021

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I Fragrantini elected Product of the Year 2021

Through a market research involving 12.000 Italian consumers, Antonio Fiore’s Fragrantini were found to be the preferred products among the competing products and for this reason they won the Elected Product of the Year 2021 award, for the salty snacks category.

After two years of hard and continuous work, which led to the creation of a new recipe, I Fragrantini are now a light, crumbly product with a lower salt content. The secret? The mother yeast and the slow leavening which give the product excellent digestibility.

All lines will be distributed in large-scale distribution, DO and Vending and will carry the “Elected product of the year” logo.

These also include the new GOLD line, designed specifically for vending with a pack of excellence and a new recipe that cannot be replicated: natural raw materials and 100% extra virgin olive oil.

Discover the product in the best Your best break distributors and enjoy the best savory snack of the year 2021!

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