Nespresso is the choice for the “Dvca” restaurant in Milan

//Nespresso is the choice for the “Dvca” restaurant in Milan

Nespresso is the choice for the “Dvca” restaurant in Milan

Change of location (it moved from Via della Spiga to Via Rovello) but not of quality for the “Dvca”, one of the most famous restaurants in Milan. Attention to high standards covers the whole sophisticated menu of the “Dvca”, including the coffee list, whose “gourmet cups” are now offered by Nespresso.

“A bad coffee can spoil what has been built during a lunch or dinner” says Karol Teruzzi, one of the owners of the restaurant . “After having served for decades coffee blends by the master roaster Gianni Frasi, recently departed, with the opening of the new restaurant we decided to let customers choose at the end of the meal between five Nespresso single-origin kinds of coffee in capsules prepared with professional Nespresso coffee machine Aguila. An extraordinary product, appreciated by those who recognize quality. I will not get back, definitely. Time will tell if we have made the right choice.”

IVS Italia and Nespresso Professional are partners through the project WEFOR, Society specialized in the concession of Nespresso and in the products distribution.

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