IVS Group and Cafim S.r.l. sign an important strategic agreement

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IVS Group and Cafim S.r.l. sign an important strategic agreement

An important news in the world of IVS Group: the company has in fact signed an important strategic agreement with Cafim S.r.l., holding of the Caporali family and controlling shareholder (with 81%) of the Liomatic group, aimed at creating a only reality.

Liomatic was founded by Paolo Caporali in 1973, and for over 50 years it has been one of the main operators in the vending sector, based in Perugia and a consolidated presence especially in the regions of central Italy. Today the group operates in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Germany and holds qualified minority stakes in other important Italian vending companies. Liomatic’s turnover in 2020 was 109 million euros.

The union of the two important realities aims to share the best best practices that IVS and Liomatic have developed thanks to their long experience in the sector. From operational management to optimal coverage of the respective territories; from the most advanced Information Technology and payment systems, to the application of the best ESG principles, on which Liomatic was one of the forerunners among Italian companies in the vending sector.

The strategic objective of this operation is to provide customers with an increasingly efficient and higher value service, through the innovation of products and technologies, exploiting the logistical and distribution synergies between existing and new markets, in the rapidly evolving sector of specialized food distribution, with particular attention to the coffee supply chain, which represents a typically Italian excellence, known throughout Europe.

From this union a group will be born that in 2020 developed over 700 million drinks and more than 1 billion in 2019 pre Covid, with over 260,000 distributors installed, 3,400 employees and a market share in vending in Italy in the order of 17-18%.

The Caporali family, through Cafim S.r.l., will reinvest 80% of the agreed amount in IVS, by signing a reserved capital increase in IVS Partecipazioni S.p.A. (controlling shareholder of IVS Group), becoming one of its main shareholders, with a stake of between 11% and approximately 13%. Paolo Caporali will also join the board of directors of IVS Group.

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