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IVS Group e Ge.S.A

IVS Group with Ge.S.A. (GeSa) has signed a contract aimed at acquiring a shareholding equal to 75.8% of the capital of GeSA itself, one of the first and most important Italian operators in the vending sector. Founded in 1967, with headquarters in Milan, 8 branches and some warehouses strategically located throughout the territory, GeSA operates in northern Italy (Lombardy, Piedmont, Veneto, Emilia-Romagna, Valle d’Aosta), with an identity and a brand consolidated by over 50 years and has always stood out for its skills and excellent services.

The purchase of this stake, together with the approximately 24.2% stake in GeSA held by the Liomatic Group, with which IVS Group signed a similar agreement at the end of October 2021, will also make it possible to achieve full control of GeSA, which will enter the consolidation perimeter of IVS Group.

This union between IVS, Liomatic and GeSA, will use the best best practices and technologies applied to the vending sector and thanks to the skills that each of the partners has developed over the course of long successful business histories, it will further improve commercial and logistical coverage nationally, offering customers better and more valuable services.

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