IVS Group in 2023 helped to protect the environment

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IVS Group in 2023 helped to protect the environment

In 2023, IVS Group pursued the important goal of choosing more sustainable solutions for its business in order to considerably reduce CO2 emissions.

These projects include the decision to include filters in their vending machines, which are used -first and foremost- to optimise the quality of the water, which helps to improve the taste of coffee and other beverages, but also to reduce limescale build-up in the vending machine with consequent energy savings.

And there’s more: to give just one example of this, IVS Group participated in the BRITA Recycling Program in 2023, returning to BRITA Italy the spent cartridges inserted in a significant number of vending machines, which certifies that they have been sent to its Recycling plant in Germany.

IVS Group, therefore, with this programme, has helped to reduce CO2 emissions by a total of 2,786 tonnes (calculated per type of filter purchased and returned, during production and recycling).

The Group, therefore, once again this year sets itself the very important goal of making its contribution to combating climate change, favouring the choice of more sustainable solutions to protect the environment.

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