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IVS Group S.A. capital increase

The Board of Directors of IVS Group S.A., Italian leader and second European player in the management of vending machines (vending), has approved the approval of an offer of option rights to be assigned to the current shareholders of the company for the subscription of new shares.

The resolution therefore approved a paid share capital increase, within the limits of the authorized capital, up to the maximum amount of approximately Euro 185.7 through the issue of approximately 52.2 million new shares with the same characteristics as the outstanding ordinary shares and to be offered as an option to those entitled to an issue price for each new share of Euro 3.56 (with a discount of 25.5% compared to the reference price of the shares of IVS Group S.A. at the close of the market on May 4, 2022).

The net proceeds from the offer will be used by IVS Group S.A. to finance the business combination between the IVS Group, the Liomatic group and the GeSA group, aimed at creating a single reality, which will strengthen the leadership of each of the parties, nationally and internationally in the vending business.

IVS Partecipazioni S.p.A. – controlling shareholder of IVS Group S.A. which currently holds 59.22% of the share capital – has undertaken to proportionally subscribe each new share during the subscription period under the conditions established by the Board of Directors.

Further information at the following link – https://www.ivsgroup.it/en/section/capital_increase/

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