IVS Italia pedals alongside the F.lli Giorgi team

//IVS Italia pedals alongside the F.lli Giorgi team

IVS Italia pedals alongside the F.lli Giorgi team

The first warm-up of the juniors at the San Teodoro training camp augurs a winning future again this year. All at IVS Italia send their best wishes for the coming season to the youngsters guided by the sports director Marco Cattaneo!

The official press release of the sports company TORRE DE’ ROVERI (BG) is given below –


As always, Sardinia sees the launch of the new training season of the F.lli Giorgi Team Juniors. The usual training camp at San Teodoro (Sassari) was used by the youngsters directed by Marco Cattaneo to pass some time together and bring the group close together, as well as giving their legs a few precious kilometres’ training on the eve of the seasonal debut in little more than a week. Fifteen very competitive and ambitious athletes on the team will line up at the starting tape.


With its enchanting sea and breathtaking landscapes, Sardinia was the perfect setting this year for the official photo of the 2018 team.


President Carlo Giorgi with all the Juniors and the sports director Cattaneo posed on a cliff between rides (photo by Rodella).

Juniors team: Nicola Bordoli (2001), Yuri Brioni (2001), Davide Cattaneo (2000), Federico Chiari (2001), Simone Debenedetti (2000), Marco Fieni (2001), Alessio Martinelli (2001) Simon José Milani (2001), Samuel Nova (2000), Giovanni Pagani (2001), Nicola Plebani (2001), Samuele Segalini (2001), Imad Sekkak (2000), Jacopo Terzi (2000), Karel Vacek (2000).


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