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Vending Made Responsible with Amazon and #PepsiCo Beverages Italia

On Monday, 2 October, @GeSA with @Amazon and with the collaboration of #PepsiCo Beverages Italia, organised an edutainment event by YBB – Vending Made Responsible in which, once again, environmental sustainability was the focus.

The objective was to raise awareness and educate Amazon employees working at the Torrazza site on the proper recycling of aluminum and other food and beverage packaging sold through our vending machines in a fun way.

The format of the event resulted in a complete and synergistic experience, under the banner of a virtuous and circular economy model to follow, which can be translated as ‘Tasting + Distribution & Gaming’, i.e:

– tasting offer of Pepsi Zero in a can, witness and recycling;
– delivery to each Amazon employee of the Torrazza site of pens made of 100% recycled aluminum;
– enjoyment of an original gaming game on Pepsi interactive totems equipped with QR codes, positioned next to our vending machines, designed to inform, create interest and awareness on the recycling of aluminum and other packaging such as plastic and paper.

All in all, therefore, an original and effective engagement fun that emphasised the strategic importance of recycling aluminum – and Pepsi Zero cans in primis – by virtue of which it is possible to create new products functional to everyday life, thus contributing to energy saving and the consequent reduction of greenhouse emissions.

In short, an exciting project that combined entertainment, sustainability and education to encourage an increasingly conscious and responsible lifestyle.

We were thrilled to have shared this valuable experience with Amazon and #PepsiCo Beverages Italia o and to have contributed to creating the conditions for a better future and doing our part to protect the planet we live on.


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