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Breakcotto, #differentlyautomaticcatering

About a year and a half ago, from the collaboration between IVS Italia and Chicco Cotto, Breakcotto was born: an ingenious project, born as a training for children with difficulties as part of the school-work project which then transformed into a real commercial activity that allows the introduction of young people into the vending sector.

IVS strongly believed in the Breakcotto project, in which it saw a new way of doing business, giving a real chance to those who didn’t have a chance. It is a unique company of its kind, which makes the social impact and the quality of the service a point of strength and excellence.

Breakcotto supplies offices, schools, hospitals, libraries and large companies. It is a real new model of training and work, concrete and above all inclusive.

The brand is also a guarantee of the highest quality and excellent service.

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Breakcotto, #differentlyautomaticcatering

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