IVS Italia together with Ass.Cult.Xpression for Urbanart 2017

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IVS Italia together with Ass.Cult.Xpression for Urbanart 2017

IVS Italia supported the culture project of urban regeneration of the XPRESSION association and the Municipality of Bergamo’s Culture and Heritage department.

On Saturday 25 November, the public work carried out in Via V° Alpini thanks to the support of IVS Italia S.p.A. will be officially presented to the Bergamo administration and all the citizens. If you want to take part in the inauguration, we’ll see you at 3.30 p.m.


The Ass.Cult.Xpression, active for years in the field of Urbanart, has organised a new event with artists of international repute, to be staged on 18 and 19 November.

To coincide with the third edition of the artistic project #Sickquence, the association decided to create a large pictorial mural work in collaboration with the Municipality of Bergamo on the walls assigned for the purpose in Via 5 Alpini, along the ring road by-pass that crosses the train tracks of the valleys.

A highly visible and impactful public work along 130 metres of an important road junction in Bergamo.

At the same time, limited edition artisan silk-screen prints designed by every artist present will be created by Corpoc and presented to the public. This event has been made possible also thanks to the support of IVS Italia S.p.A., the leading company in automatic vending machines, always very keen and open to major cultural projects.

The guest artists at this event will be a selection of the best Italian stylewriters recognised at the international level: Blef, Dado, Etnik and the natives of Bergamo, Hemo, V3rbo, Luca Font and Loathin.

The #Sickquence project arose from the collaboration between BERGAMASTERZ and CORPOC.

At a time with such a wide range of terms such as graffiti, streetart, urbanart and neo-muralism, the idea is to focus on stylewriting, that is, the study of style through certain specially-created alphabets from a selection of writers who are increasingly imposing their personal stylistic research on the world of graffiti, to the point of leaving a widely recognisable mark.

The new edition of prints will be placed alongside the first two selections already created by the authors Luca Font, V3rbo, Hemo, Gonzales and Loathin of the Bergamasterz and by Joys of Padua and Zedz of Amsterdam.

They are all single-colour silk-screen prints in limited editions of 30/30 each and hand-printed on 70×100 cm format Hahnemühle paper, signed and numbered by the artists.

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